Tuesday, October 7, 2008

All-New Super Friends Hour Volume Two on DVD

Warner Home Video has just announced that the second volume of the All-New Super Friends Hour is coming to DVD on January 27, 2009. This volume will include 8 one-hour episodes and will complete the 1977 season of the popular series.

This version of the Super Friends is really fun. It is a less serious (is that possible?) version of the show that focused more on teaching kids important lessons as well as including safety tips, magic tricks and riddles!

No bonus features have been announced yet but here are the episodes that will be included in this set:

  • The Invisible Menace/Initiation/Coming of the Anthropods/River of Doom
  • Attack of the Giant Squid/Game of Chicken/The Water Beast/Volcano
  • The Collector/Handicap/The Mind Maidens/Alaska Peril
  • The Fifty Foot Woman/Cheating/Exploration Earth/Attack of the Killer Bees
  • Forbidden Power/Pressure Point/The Lionmen/Day of the Rats
  • Man Beasts of Xra/Prejudice/Tiny World of Terror/Tibetan Raiders
  • Frozen Peril/Dangerous Prank/The Mummy of Nazca/Cable Car Rescue
  • The Protector/Stowaways/The Ghost/Rampage

    It'll have been a year since Volume One was released so it is nice to see that WHV hasn't forgot about this set.
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