Thursday, October 2, 2008

Iron Man Voice Cast

The main cast of the new Iron Man: Armored Adventures animated series has been announced. Below is the list along with their past superhero connections.

  • Adrian Petriw - Tony Stark (Played the young Hawkeye from Next Avengers)
  • Daniel Bacon - Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes (although nothing animated, Bacon did have cameos on Smallville and in Fantastic Four)
  • Anna Cummer - Pepper Potts (Cummer is an accomplished voice actor but this is her first role in a superhero cartoon)
  • Mackenzie Gray - Obadiah Stane (Played Dr. Alistair Kreig on one episode of Smallville)
  • Catherine Haggquist - Roberta Rhodes (Catherine also guest starred on one episode of Smallville)
  • Vincent Tong - The Mandarin (This guy is new to the scene. I can't find any info on him)

  • I'd like to point out that this cast is made up of residents of Vancouver, BC. While looking at their imdb lists I saw that they have all been a part of several Vancouver productions including Smallville, X-Files, Kyle XY, Supernatural and The L-Word. I spotted the patterns because Vancouver is my home town, and Iron Man's hometown too, apparently.

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