Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Marvel Animation Trailer on Hulk DVD

I had a look at the Marvel Animation Trailer that is featured before the menu of the Incredible Hulk DVD that came out today. The trailer spotlights Marvel's current and upcoming productions, including Wolverine and the X-Men, Next Avengers, Hulk vs, Black Panther, Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Marvel Super Hero Squad and Marvel Anime.

There was no mention of Hulk: Gamma Corps which is rumored to be shelved although no official word has been given. It also doesn't mention Spectacular Spider-Man which doesn't seem to come up in anyone's conversations about Marvel's current animation domination for some reason.

I was hoping for a little bit more, actually. I was looking for a peek at Super Hero Squad and Marvel Anime but instead I get a whole bunch of clips that I, for the most part, have already seen. There was one shot of Loki and Enchantress from Hulk vs. Thor and two shots I didn't recognize from past Hulk vs. Wolverine trailers, but the only thing for Marvel Anime and Super Hero Squad is a title card and some licensed artwork. I guess these two productions are still in early development.

Instead of taking caps myself, I want to point you to Marvel Animation Age who has already capped all the good parts.

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