Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wolverine and the X-Men Theme Song

When composer Dean Grinsfelder was asked to score Wolverine and the X-Men he was asked to take a more cinematic approach to the music. The result is fully orchestrated, episode-specific scores that really enhance the enjoyment of watching the show.

However, where this approach fails is the show's theme song. The cinema-style score does not work as the theme to the series as the main theme is not distinguishable enough for someone to get stuck in their head, which is what you want as a theme song. And it doesn't help that the music gets lost in the loud explosions, grunts and other sound effects.

Past X-Men theme songs have has a great melody that set the tone for the series. And while the theme to Wolverine and the X-Men pays tribute to the X-Men themes of the past, it doesn't do enough to get you pumped about watching the show.

What this theme song has going for it, however, is an excellent animated sequence that showcases each of the X-Men and their abilities.

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Tirone said...

Sorry, but I must disagree with you on the point of the show's theme song failing to be distinguishable, Kurtis.

At first I didn't think the theme song was going to be much of an ear-worm, but after the second episode already, my partner and I were humming it away - it had stuck. That happened really quickly!

It's been very intelligently inter-woven into some of the opening scenes also.

I must agree that the completely orchestrated episodes are fantastic, and other shows could definitely learn from this.

veridical-dream said...

You could be right.I can't hear much ,its all drowned out by the sound effects.
I must agree great animated sequence!

Anonymous said...

WRONG! That theme is killer!

I would like to hear it way louder than the sound effects though.

Justin said...

I would have to agree with some of the posters at first the theme song seems very forgettable, after hearing it again it becomes very very memorable. I find myself humming it at the gym.

Katherine said...

I totally disagree. The first time I heard the theme song it gave me chills.

Anonymous said...

you are crazym the theme song is constantly in my head, its awesome and damn inspiring, better then evolutions by far ,