Sunday, November 16, 2008

Batman: the Brave and the Bold Theme Song

Batman: the Brave and the Bold brings new life to the world of Batman as it takes on the lighter, classic side of the character as defined by the Dick Sprang comics and the Adam West series of the 60s. The theme song follows suit and introduces the show with a jazzy theme that reminds us that Batman is also about fun and adventure.

This theme is written by Andy Sturmer who has had previous success writing the themes for Teen Titans and the third season of The Batman. Much like these other two songs, Sturmer chose to go with a style that pays tribute to the Batman of the past. The song is instantly catchy and the Incredibles style big band instrumentals define the action/adventure aspect of the show.

Fans will get a kick out of reading all the names that make up the landscape in this 30 second intro. With Batman teaming up with a new character each week, it makes sense that the intro would give us a hint as what to expect in coming episodes.

These characters are seen partway through the intro: The Demon Etrigan and B'Wana Beast, Deadman and Dr. Fate, Fire and Red Tornado, Plastic Man and Guy Gardner, Bronze Tiger and Blue Beetle, Jonah Hex and Kamandi the Last Boy on Earth.

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Eagle-Man said...

Names listed on the walls in the theme song (that I can see):
Dr. T.O. Morrow
Dr. Fate
Gentleman Ghost
Green Lantern
Dr. Fate
Bronze Tiger
Kanjar Ro

I'm sure others can see more. This is just from my viewing of the tiny video posted.

Eagle-Man said...

So, upon further inspection of a better quality video, I have discovered the following names:

Black Lightning
Dr. Polaris
Morgaine LeFay
Royal Flush Gang
Ocean Master
Black Manta
Gorilla Grodd
Clock King
B'Wana Beast
Blue Beetle
Elongated Man
Jonah Hex
Plastic Man
Demon (Etrigan)
Owl Man
Dr. Canus (friend of Kamandi)

Now, before anyone starts griping, yes, some of these are already known to be guest stars, and some have even been mentioned by Kurtis, but this is just a list of the names found in the walls in the theme song. I think I got them all.

Anonymous said...

I am sure I saw the name Penguin in their somewhere.