Saturday, November 15, 2008

Batman: the Brave and the Bold

These airdates represent the US airings on Cartoon Network except for episodes 23, 24, 26, and 41-45 which first aired in Australia, and episode 25 and 39 which first aired in the UK.

Season One

Ep #Episode TitleProd #Airdate
1Rise of the Blue Beetle!101November 14, 2008
2Terror on Dinosaur Island!102November 21, 2008
3Evil Under the Sea!103December 5, 2008
4Invasion of the Secret Santas!105December 12, 2008
5Day of the Dark Knight!104January 2, 2009
6Enter the Outsiders!106January 9, 2009
7Dawn of the Deadman!107January 16, 2009
8Fall of the Blue Beetle!108January 23, 2009
9Journey to the Center of the Bat!109January 30, 2009
10The Eyes of Despero!110February 6, 2009
11Return of the Fearsome Fangs!111February 20, 2009
12Deep Cover for Batman!112February 27, 2009
13Game Over for Owlman!113March 6, 2009
14Mystery in Space!114March 13, 2009
15Trials of the Demon!115March 20, 2009
16Night of the Huntress!116May 8, 2009
17Menace of the Conqueror Caveman!117May 15, 2009
18The Color of Revenge!118May 22, 2009
19Legends of the Bat-Mite!119May 29, 2009
20Hail the Tornado Tyrant!120June 5, 2009
21Duel of the Double Crossers!121June 12, 2009
22Last Bat on Earth!122June 19, 2009
23When OMAC Attacks!123July 18, 2009
24Mayhem of the Music Meister!125September 22, 2009
25Inside the Outsiders!126August 8, 2009
26The Fate of Equinox!124July 25, 2009

Season Two

Bat-Mite Presents: Batman's Strangest Cases!The Malicious Mr. Mind!
Ep #Episode TitleProd #Airdate
27Death Race to Oblivion!203November 20, 2009
28The Long Arm of the Law!201December 11, 2009
29Revenge of the Reach!202January 1, 2010
30Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure!204January 8, 2010
31The Golden Age of Justice!205January 15, 2010
32Sidekicks Assemble!208January 22, 2010
33Clash of the Metal Men!206January 23, 2010
34A Bat Divided!207February 5, 2010
35The Super-Batman of Planet X!209March 26, 2010
36The Power of Shazam!210April 2, 2010
37Chill of the Night!211April 9, 2010
38Gorillas in Our Midst!212April 16, 2010
39The Siege of Starro! Part One213June 13, 2010
40The Siege of Starro! Part Two215September 24, 2010
41Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!214May 29, 2010
42The Last Patrol!216September 18, 2010
43The Mask of Matches Malone!217September 25, 2010
44Menace of the Madniks!218October 2, 2010
45Emperor Joker!219October 9, 2010
46The Criss Cross Conspiracy!220October 28, 2010
47Plague of the Prototypes!221November 5, 2010
48Cry Freedom Fighters!222November 12, 2010
49Knights of Tomorrow!223November 19, 2010
50Darkseid Descending!224December 3, 2010

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Anonymous said...

Batman should encounter the Kevin Connroy Batman.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they make an episode starring SuperMan David Kaye would voice him?

John said...

here's an update

18 "The Color of Revenge!" May 22, 2009 118
19 "Legends of the Dark Mite!" May 29, 2009 119
20 "Hail the Tornado Tyrant!" June 5, 2009 120
21 "Duel of the Double Crossers![1]" June 12, 2009 121
22 "The Last Bat On Earth!" June 19, 2009 122
23 "When OMAC Attacks!" June 26, 2009 123
24 "Inside the Outsiders!" July 3, 2009 124
25 "Mayhem of the Music Meister!" July 10, 2009 125
26 "The Fate of Equinox!" July 17, 2009 126

Kurtis said...

Thanks for the update, John!

Anonymous said...

They said Raven is going to be the teaser hero in "When OMAC Attacks!"

Green Lantern said...

grr when are they going to show the last 4 episodes, i'm getting impatient! i think two of them have been showed in Portugal, according to wikipedia! :(

John said...

i have seen every episode except Mayhem of the Music Meister!, when will that air??

John said...

heres the release dates that you are missing

24 "The Fate of Equinox![1]" July 25, 2009 (Australia) 124
25 "Mayhem of the Music Meister![1]" July 24, 2009 (Comic-Con Preview) 125
26 "Inside the Outsiders![1]" August 8, 2009 (Australia) 126

John said...

The Music Meister episode finally airs!


Sunday, September 27th, 2009 - "025 Mayhem of the Music Meister!"
Batman and Black Canary are pitted against Music Meister, who is able to exert powerful mind control through song.

Sunday, October 4th, 2009 - "026 Inside the Outsiders!"
Batman and the Outsiders are under a metaphysical attack by Psycho Pirate. Batman enters the Mindscape and helps Black Lightning, Katana and Metamorpho battle their own personal demons.

Callum said...

Not to say that revenge of the reach was bad but, it just didn't feel like Batman TBATB. The teaser was more like "Jhonny Quest featuring BATMAN!" (which we all know was intentional) and the rest of the episodes felt like one of those sci-fy esc episodes of Justice Leauge, where the team goes in to deep space to help the GLC stop an invasion of some alien planet. (Which worked out buetifully for that series) (PS: ded you recognise those alliens that attacked the challengers? I sure did. If you need a hint try skimming through your Batman Beyond DVDs.

Paul said...

I read on The DC Animation Forum that "Death Race to Oblivion!" was the 3rd episode of season 2 according to production order, and I think it also said that "Long Arm of the Law!" was the 1st episode of season 2 according to production order.

Callum said...

Have you guys noticed that all the episodes in this series that fell flat had awsome teasers.

Callum said...

It's kinda weird to see catwoman as an actual supervilain. Every modern interpretation I've seen has her as a bad girl heroin. Every time she appeared in BTAS and THE BATMAN she teamed-up with bats to stop anouther villain. (Bear in mind their was a big difference in the series. In the Batman she was a theif first and a reluctant hero second, but in BTAS she was a bad girl hero who was at one point a thief.) Batman TBATB is the first time in a long time catwoman is fighting batman and not helping him. (Hey, here's a thought. She would be great for a pictoral history article. After all she has a totally different apperance each time she is animated.

Paul said...

The correct production order of the first 11 episodes of season 2 is apparently (according to director Ben Jones on his blog):

1. Long Arm of the Law!
2. Revenge of the Reach!
3. Death Race to Oblivion!
4. Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure!
5. The Golden Age of Justice!
6. Clash of the Metal Men!
7. A Bat Divided!
8. Sidekicks Assemble!
9. The Super-Batman of Planet X!
10. The Power of Shazam!
11. Chill of the Night!

Chronologically, "Sidekicks Assemble!" has to come before "Clash of the Metal Men!", but the latter was produced first according to Ben Jones's list.

Paul said...

Director Ben Jones has confirmed more details about the production order:

Day of the Dark Knight! 104
Invasion of the Secret Santas! 105

The Siege of Starro! Part One 213

Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster! 214

The Siege of Starro! Part Two 215

Paul said...

Episode 39 ("The Siege of Starro! Part One") actually aired in the UK before anywhere else (on June 13th), not Australia.

Paul said...

Some new episode titles:

Episode 49: The Knights of Tomorrow!

Episode 50: Darkseid Descending!

Episode 51: Bat-Mite Presents: Batman's Strangest Cases!

Ben Jones confirms that "The Knights of Tomorrow!" is 23rd in production order for season 2, that "Darkseid Descending!" is 24th in production order and that "Bat-Mite Presents: Batman's Strangest Cases!" is 25th in production order.

Also, "The Criss Cross Conspiracy!" aired in the US on October 29th.

Episode 24 first aired in the UK and episode 25 first aired in Australia.