Friday, November 21, 2008

Greetings From Genosha

Season: 1
Episode Number: 10
Season Episode Number: 10
Production Number: 110
Airdate: November 15, 2008

Writer: Chris Yost
Director: Doug Murphy

Voices: Steve Blum (Wolverine), Danielle Judovits (Shadowcat), Yuri Lowenthal (Iceman), Susan Dalian (Storm), Fred Tatasciore (Beast), Nolan North (Cyclops, Pyro), Roger Craig Smith (Forge), Tamara Bernier (Mystique), Liam O'Brien (Nightcrawler, Angel), Tom Kane (Magneto), Kate Higgins (Scarlet Witch, Pixie), Tara Strong (Dust), Dominic Janes (Squidboy),

Plot: The boat carrying Nightcrawler and the other mutant refugees finally arrives at Genosha. And while Magneto and Scarlet Witch treat their guests with the utmost respect, things are not exactly as they seem.

Meanwhile, a shape-shifting intruder has broken into the mansion and its up to Wolverine and the X-Men to prevent her from reaching the Professor.

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): Just like the last episode, Greetings From Genosha is a direct sequel of a previous episode, in this case the previous episode is X-Calibre. The plot grows in this episode and we now know that Magneto will play a bigger role in the series (but face it, we already knew that would happen).

The world of Genosha is a beautiful one were the writers and artists play to the fanboys who will undoubtedly want to name all of the mutant cameos. That is exactly what I will do for you now:

The beginning of the episode shows Nightcrawler's young assistants, Squidboy and Pixie; Dazzler is the mutant rock star; Sauron, Quill and others can be seen in the mutant holding cells; Feral or Wolfsbane (not sure which) is seen running around; Dust is the mutant who warns Nightcrawler; Scanner, one of Magneto's Acolytes, is the mutant who can project images (although this is different than her comic book counterpart who can only project an astral form of herself over great distances); Pyro is the mutant with the Australian accent; the three Acolytes who are battling Fever Pitch (the flaming skeleton man) are Mercury, who body is made up of liquid mercury, Mellencamp, who has razor sharp teeth and enhanced senses and looks like a cross between the Hulk and a T-Rex, and Senyaka who has the pysonic whips. Out of the three only Mercury is not an Acolyte in the comics. This is the animation debut for Mellencamp, Quill, Mercury, Scanner and Fever Pitch.

I know I've missed or couldn't identify some of the mutants that pop up in the background. If I've missed anything please leave a comment.

Nightcrawler proves once again how powerful of a mutant he can actually be. It is obvious that he has full control over his powers as he travels across the Atlanic Ocean by teleporting short distances. I can't imagine how long that must have taken or how tired he would be after that. He also took down Fever Pitch by himself. Something that three mutant Acolytes couldn't do.

The other great use of powers in this episode is Mystique who not only used her shape shifting as a means of disguise but also used it in combat, taking the form of Colossus to use his mass against Wolverine (which didn't end up working, but it was a good try!) for example. It seems that Mystique's past has been altered a bit for this series as she makes a reference to knowing Wolverine from his Weapon X days. This will be played out in the next episode.

Greetings From Genosha is another fine episode and is pivotal to the plot as it reveals Magneto's big secret. The animation is as solid as usual and it was great to hear Storm speak a few lines for a change!

DVD Releases:
  • Wolverine and the X-Men, The Complete First Season (Canada Exclusive)
  • Wolverine and the X-Men: Beginning of the End

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    Eagle-Man said...

    "taking the form of Colossus to use his mass against Wolverine"

    Except that this shouldn't work because Mystique cannot change her mass, only her shape. So she could be a very heavy Puck, or a very light Colossus. Also, she cannot change the material she's made out of, so even if she was the size of Colossus, it would still only be a fleshy punch, not a metal punch.

    Anonymous said...

    She's better looking in the movie.

    Orphen said...

    I love Nightcrawler, as previously mentioned, therefore I greatly enjoyed this story. I really liked when Nightcrawler was wearing a tuxedo and he teleports that it is black as opposed to the red due to his costume. The Mystique reveal was kind of cool and allowed me to get the second and last look of Colossus during this show.