Monday, November 3, 2008

Time Bomb

Season: 1
Episode Number: 8
Season Episode Number: 8
Production Number: 108
Airdate: November 1, 2008

Writer: Len Uhley
Director: Steve Gordon

Voices: Steve Blum (Wolverine), Jim Ward (Professor X), Kari Wahlgren (Emma Frost), Nolan North (Cyclops), Danielle Judovits (Shadowcat), Fred Tatasciore (Beast), Yuri Lowenthal (Iceman), Kieren van den Blink (Rogue), A.J. Buckley (Toad), Mark Hildreth (Quicksilver), Stephen Stanton (Blob), James Patrick Stuart (Avalanche), Gwendoline Yeo (Domino), Liam O'Brien (Nitro), Grey DeLisle (Psylocke)

Plot: Professor X warns Wolverine from the future of an impending attack on Genosha that will wipe out half of the mutant population. That threat is Nitro, whom the Brotherhood kidnap in order to use his mutant ability to take down MRD facilities. But Nitro's ability to create massive explosions is too uncontrollable, even for Psylocke who is called in by the Brotherhood to telepathically control Nitro's powers.

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): After a few episodes without the X-Men, we are now treated to a full-on X-Men vs. Brotherhood battle, and it is a real treat. The show's writers have proven themselves capable character writers and no clearer is that statement than in this episode. There are over a dozen main characters in this episode and each one of them is written true to their unique character and personality. Each gets their own moment of greatness (although Storm has no lines in this episode despite being the climax's key player) that demonstrates their powers and how well they can use them.

The action and animation in this episode is top notch. The X-Men really function as a team which might seem weird because Wolverine just put this team together, but remember that they had years of experience before the explosion in episode one. Nowhere is the teamwork more obvious in this episode than when Wolverine yells "Stop saving me!"

Probably the most impressive use of powers in this episode is Shadowcat who really has a handle on what she can do. Her phasing abilities are seen here in ways that would be hard to recreate in comic book form. I can't wait to see the X-Men go up against a real threat like Apocalypse.

Time Bomb features Psylocke as a sympathetic player in the war against mutants. Since she looks normal, she is content to live her life as a normal person and not get involved in the battle. However, she does have a sense of honour and agrees to help Quicksilver only because he helped her in the past.

Psylocke's telepathic powers are revealed as she tries to control Nitro's powers. Psylocke's iconic psyonic butterfly is beautifully animated in a way much more unique than in Psylocke's previous animated form back in 1996. Her costume strays from her classic costume in favour of a more oriental looking outfit that closer resembles her current comic book uniform.

Not only does Time Bomb introduce us to a few new characters, but it also gets the series back on track and ready to face Magento which you can feel must be right around the corner!

DVD Releases:
  • Wolverine and the X-Men, The Complete First Season (Canada Exclusive)
  • Wolverine and the X-Men: Deadly Enemies

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    Orphen said...

    This was quite a good episode. It moved the story along well while at the same time showing some nice action and some cool team fighting. Each person shined even if it was just for a brief moment.