Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Four New Hulk Vs. Clips

Just in time for Christmas, has released four new clips from the upcoming Hulk Vs. DVD. Just over a month away, Hulk Vs. hits the stores on January 27!

The first is probably my favourite as it shows just how intense this movie is going to be. It is one minute of the Hulk beating the snot out of Wolverine.

The second clip is an interview with Nolan North, the voice of Deadpool (and Cyclops on Wolverine and the X-Men). It's a great clip and you get to see a bit more of Deadpool and Omega Red.

Clip number three shows Thor as he prepares for battle while Odin is in his Odinsleep.

This last clip shows a little bit more of the plot. Brothers must unite for the common good as they travel to what I am assuming is Niffleheim, the realm of the dishonoured dead. It could also be Hel which is for the dead that are neither honoured or dishonoured. Also in this clip is Ymir, the Ice Giant. UPDATE: Further research revealed to me that it is Hel in this clip because Niffleheim is an ice realm.

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