Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Specatular Spidey heading to Disney and Canada!

It looks like Spectacular Spider-Man has found a new home, Disney XD. The network currently known as Toon Disney will relauch itself as Disney XD in an attempt to market itself to young boys. I can't think of a better show to help that process than Spectacular Spider-Man. Disney XD will premiere in March with the first episode of season two.

And speaking of season two, it looks like Canada will be getting new Spidey first! Teletoon has set Sunday, January 11, 2009 at 10:30am as the season premiere date for Spectacular Spider-Man season two. The season kicks off with Blueprints featuring Mysterio and the Master Planner. The second episode, Destructive Testing, will feature Kraven the Hunter.


Indigo Falls said...

Man I just discovered your site & am so glad I found a fellow tooner that has the most up to date info! Wish I found it sooner, because I didn't know that Spectacular Spidy was moving! If I read you correctly, are you saying that the show is premièring here in the US in March of '09? Keep up the good work - you have a new fan.

Kurtis said...

Thanks Indigo! I'm glad that someone out there appreciates my work!

Spectacular Spider-Man Season Two will be premiering in the US in March. I'll let you know when I get an exact date!