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Season: 2
Episode Number: 1
Season Episode Number: 14
Production Number:
Airdate: January 11, 2009

Writer: Kevin Hopps
Director: Jennifer Coyle

Voices: Josh Keaton (Spider-Man), Ben Diskin (Venom), Deborah Strang (May Parker), Vanessa Marshall (Mary Jane Watson), Lacey Chabert (Gwen Stacy), Stan Lee (Stan), Xander Berkeley (Mysterio), Alanna Ubach (Liz Allen), Brian George (Miles Warren, Aaron Warren), Dee Bradley Baker (Curt Conners), Alan Rachins (Norman Osborn), Kath Soucie (Martha Conners), Thom Adcox (Tinkerer), Peter MacNicol (Master Planner), Greg Weisman (Donald Menken).

Plot: A new villain named Mysterio arrives on the scene, stealing cutting edge technology from various different sources. Spider-Man intervenes only to find out that the is more to Mysterio than meets the eye.

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): The first episode of Spectacular Spider-Man season two sets the ground work for the season but keeps it light and simple, which is good because Spider-Man had several butt-kickings at the end of season one.

Blueprints picks up a few weeks after the events of the season one finale (ie. Gwen kissing Peter) and introduces us to some new characters as well as bringing back some old ones. In case you were not aware, each season of this show focuses on an actual season of Spider-Man's life. Season one took place during the fall months (start of school, Halloween, Thanksgiving) and this season will follow Spidey's adventures through winter (which means we'll get a Christmas episode in this series - a first for Spidey).

The feature villain in this episode is Mysterio, one of Spider-Man's oldest foes. Mysterio is given a bit of a different character in this show, more showboaty than usual which actually works fine for this episode. Some fans may not like this new personality, but it works by keeping the the adventure it light and fun because, as I stated before, Spider-Man needs a little break after the events leading up to the end of the first season.

Mysterio's alter ego, Quentin Beck, has already appeared in the Chameleon episode from season one, which he references in this episode. Not just a lackey under the thumb of another, Beck is ready to prove himself as a real threat. Too bad it doesn't work.

There is a little tribute to the classic Spider-Man series when Spider-Man is fighting the robot Mysterios in the tavern. This is an homage to Mysterio's first animated appearance back in 1967!

It looks like there will be several storylines to follow throughout this season. First, the awkward relationship between Gwen and Peter will get a bit more awkward as it looks like Liz may be making a move on Petey. Second, what exactly does Norman Osborn want with Peter? And what does Miles Warren (whom fans know as the Jackal) have to do with it? Third, who is the Master Planner and what is his master plan? I'm excited to find out!

Oh, and Stan Lee's cameo in this episode is great, as most of his cameos are.

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