Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Hulk Rampages Through Retail Outlets Today!

The wait is over! After months of hype, preview clips, interviews and hi-res pictures, the soon-to-be-classic Hulk Vs. hits retail outlets all over North America on DVD and Blu-ray today!

In case you've been living under a rock, this DVD is the fifth feature film from Marvel Animation and Lions Gate Films and features the Hulk as he battles Wolverine and Thor in two separate, but equally epic, stories by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost.

And don't forget that in the shadow of the Hulk is The All-New Super Friends Hour - Season One, Volume Two which is also being released today.

This two-disc package features eight hour-long episodes and completes the 15 episode run of the All-New Super Friends Hour on DVD.

Now please, excuse me, there are a lot of cartoons I need to watch.

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Anonymous said...

Just watching the first part of Hulk Vs. right now and will follow that up with the Superfriends. It's a good day to be a comic/cartoon fan.