Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wolverine = Gold for Nicktoons

E! Online reports that 512,500 viewers tuned in to watch the hour-long Wolverine and the X-Men series premiere on Nicktoons on Friday night while another 2 million viewers watched the two-hour premiere on Nickelodeon on Sunday! and B&C reports that Wolverine received the highest ratings of an original series premiere ever among kids from 6-11 for the Nicktoons Network.

The Nicktoons premiere did well with the 'tween market (ages 9-14). The first half-hour brought in an estimated 70,000, 60,000 of which were boys, while the second episode was watched by an estimated 134,000 tweens, with boys accounting for 89,000 of the total. The article goes into a few more details which I will let you read for yourself.

I have to say that I am extremely happy to hear about these stats. I was afraid that the fact that the show aired in Canada, Latin America and the UK before the US, and the fact that Nicktoons is not a basic cable channel, would seriously hurt the ratings.

But it looks like Wolverine is clawing his way to the top as usual, proving that quality programming and smart advertising wins every time! Wolverine and the X-Men has already aired 15 episodes up here where I am in Canada and it is a quality show. I hope that it gets renewed for a second and third season if they can keep up the quality.

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