Thursday, February 12, 2009

Canada to Get Special Wolverine DVD

If you're a Canuck like I am, you'll be happy to hear that Canada is getting Wolverine and the X-Men - Season One, Chapter One: Special Edition from Liberation Entertainment who holds the international DVD rights of the show. Unlike the US release, this disc will feature the first four episodes rather than only the first three. It also sports different cover art.

The details are sparse right now and there is no word on any special features. But we do know that it will be released in Canada on April 14th, a week before the US release!

Canada airs the series first and now gets a DVD release before the US! Makes me proud to stand beside Wolverine as a Canadian.


Bleak5170 said...

Only 4 episodes? That's a little disappointing.

Kurtis said...

I know, but keep in mind that it is normal practice for a company to release single discs with a few episodes each before releasing a whole season on DVD.

I'm sure the complete first season will come but it will be after the whole season airs in the States which won't finish until the end of the summer.

Bleak5170 said...

Knowing me I won't be able to wait for the full season and will buy each individual disc. I would prefer 4 discs with 6 episodes each but this is better than nothing for sure.