Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First News Leak for Avengers!

If you were at the New York Comic Con last weekend, you were probably disappointed that there wasn't really any new news regarding the new Avengers cartoon that is coming in 2011. It's probably because 2011 is far away and the series is still in early production.

Well guess what? There is a little news that I can share with you today! Superheroes-R-Us shares with us about a post coming from the 1966 Batman Message Board by voice actor and longtime Adam West fan Wally Wingert.

Wingert shares talk a little bit about his involvement with the upcoming Avengers series:

On a side note, at today's recording of "Avengers," not only did I get to play Ant Man and Giant Man, but they had me do Modok as well! It was an awesome day. Particularly since this was the first time Ant Man got to utter the immortal words "Avengers Assemble!" I got goosebumps!

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