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The Ghost Vikings

Season: 1
Episode Number: 4
Season Episode Number: 4
Production Number: 4004
Airdate: October 5, 1979

Writer: Jeff Scott
Director: Bob Richardson

Voices: Joan Van Ark (Spider-Woman), Bruce Miller (Jeff Hunt), Bryan Scott (Billy Drew), Unknown (Valhammer, Vikings).

Plot: When a mysterious box found on an ancient viking ship is opened, three viking ghosts are released and start up their pillaging right where they left off over a thousand years ago!

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): Now that I have watched four of these episodes, I have a few questions about the Justice Magazine. Are there any more than three employees? Are Jessica, Jeff and Billy the only three that work in that entire building? And who holds Jessica and Jeff accountable for their globetrotting? In every episode they take the jet plane to a different corner of the world. That can't be cheap and it seems that they just come and go as they please without any sort of permission. If any of those questions can be answered I'd be a happy camper.

Like most of the episodes in this series, this one is pretty goofy. Instead of bringing in a real super-villain, we are handed ghost vikings, or rather, vikings from the past who have found a way to travel to the future. Last episode it was Amazon women, before that it was an evil cult, and alien mummies the time before that! Yes, Dormammu was is a previous episode and I would consider him a super-villain, but he's not the variety that would be fighting Spider-Woman.

Suspension of belief is very important while watching Spider-Woman. The head writer, Jeff Scott, doesn't seem too concerned with making sure all his bases are covered, so there are some questions that never get answered. Like, the time traveling chest, for instance. This time travel process is never really explained. They just have a box and it does that sort of stuff. Well, how does it do that? What is its history? How did the vikings find it? And how are they able to project their image into the future through the box?

And check out Spider-Woman's new power! In addition to the many powers she already possesses, it seems that Spider-Woman also has a protective Spider-Bubble all around her that allows her to breathe under water. I bet it would also be handy should she ever find herself in outer space. Anything to make the story work, I guess.

There was a moment when Spider-Woman ran out of web fluid. I didn't think she could do that. In fact, now that I think about it, I don't think Spider-Woman uses webs in the comics at all!

Otherwise, this episode follows the same formula as the previous episodes, which works for the series, but will end getting pretty boring by the end of its sixteen episode run.

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