Monday, March 9, 2009

Comic Moments Come to Life!

I love it when cartoons take iconic images straight from the comics and translate them to animation. Here is one from last week's episode of Batman: Brave and the Bold. It shows Owlman, disguised as Batman in Batman's original costume, striking a pose taken from Batman #1, 1940, by Bob Kane.

What are some of your favourite comic images that have been brought to life in animation?


Mr. Allison Blaire said...

Probably the moments from the 1995 Fantastic Four intro where you see The Four battling the Mole Man monster along with other iconic images. The Wolverine/Hulk claw reflection from Hulk Vs. was pretty cool too. I hope to see the images from Giant Size X-Men and Uncanny X-Men 100, 101, 137, 141 and 142 someday.

David Freiberg said...

Don't forget about that great moment in Siege of Starro part 1, where they recreate the famous image of heroes fighting Starro, but with different heroes.