Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Foresight, Part One

Season: 1
Episode Number: 24
Season Episode Number: 24
Production Number: 124
Airdate: March 10, 2009

Writer: Greg Johnson
Director: Steve Gordon

Voices: Steve Blum (Wolverine, Vanisher), Nolan North (Cyclops), Fred Tatasciore (Beast), Kari Wahlgren (Emma Frost), Liam O'Brien (Nightcrawler), Jennifer Hale (Jean Grey), Jim Ward (Professor X), Gwendoline Yeo (Domino), Tara Strong (Marrow), Unknown (Mastermold), Tom Kane (Magneto), Kate Higgins (Scarlet Witch), Mark Hildreth (Quicksilver), Richard Doyle (Senator Kelly), Phil LaMarr (Bolivar Trask), Unknown (Sebastian Shaw).

Plot: Jean Grey has been abducted, but as the X-Men begin the search a new problem arises. Magneto has forced the hand of Senator Kelly into launching a Sentinel attack on Genosha so that he can strike back and begin the war! Meanwhile in the future, Mastermold has captured Xavier and is forcing him to reveal the locations of mutants all over the world!

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): Foresight, Part One is the first part to the three-part season finale. This whole season has been a rollercoaster ride of different stories characters and timelines, and now they have all come together to signal the end. Let's talk about each plotline individually:

Jean's abductors, as revealed at the end of the last episode, are the Hellfire Club, however they have yet to call themselves that. Shaw refers to them as the Inner Circle, which is the five pictured to the left (White King - Donald Pierce, Black Bishop - Harry Leland, White Queen - Emma Frost, Black King - Sebastian Shaw, Black Queen - Selene Gallio). Also featured as part of the Hellfire Club are the unnamed Stepford Cuckoos, a set of identical quintuplets, all linked psychically, that Emma took under her wing in the comics. This is their first animated appearance.

Nothing really to talk about with this plotline, except that I really like how they are playing out the Phoenix storyarc without it being "The Phoenix Saga". It is simply part of the overall story.

In Genosha, Magneto takes matters into his own hands and replaces Senator Kelly with Mystique who orders the Sentinel program back online. I knew that either Kelly or Magneto would find a reason to continue the war. I just thought it would be the pig-headed Senator, but it is a good turn of his character to have Magneto purposefully have the Sentinels attack his kingdom. This shows that he is serious and would do anything to have his way.

As usual, the X-Men don't really have any part in this episode. At the beginning of the episode they start looking for Jean but don't find her and at the end of the episode they try to attack the Sentinel headquarters but end up crashing the Blackbird and getting knocked unconscious. Useless, the whole lot.

It's a darn good thing that all the other characters in this show are interesting, because at this point, I don't think anyone actually cares what happens to the X-Men.

In the future, Xavier's future X-Men get captured. Marrow's plan of only turning in Xavier turns horribly wrong and a new, stronger Cerebro is built by Mastermold so that all the mutants all over the world can be tracked down.

Unfortunately, we are getting attached to these characters only to find that they will probably be wiped out in the last episode when Wolverine finds a way to stop the war and change the future. It's too bad, really. I kind of like this team.

Be prepared for a wild ride, because there is so much going on and you can bet that it isn't going to slow down in the next episode.

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    Orphen said...

    It's hard to think about these last three episodes separately, because they just run together in my mind, but this episode was good, but really was just building things up even more before they finally boil over.