Monday, March 23, 2009

Mystery in Space!

Season: 2
Episode Number: 14
Season Episode Number: 1
Production Number: 201
Airdate: March 13, 2009

Writer: Jim Krieg
Director: Brandon Vietti

Voices: Diedrich Bader (Batman), John DiMaggio (Aquaman, Gorilla Grodd), Michael T. Weiss (Adam Strange), Catherine Cavadini (Alanna), Richard McGonagle (Saradath), Richard Green (General Kreegaar), Nicholas Guest (Question), Oded Fehr (Equinox).

Plot: Batman and Aquaman must help Adam Strange stop the Gordanians from using the Eye of Zared to destroy the planet Rann!

Teaser: Batman must save the Question and Gorilla Grodd from a trap set by Equinox, who is determined to bring balance to the world.

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): After an excellent two-part season finale, it's hard to come up with an episode that is even better. And unfortunately, Mystery in Space doesn't do that.

Instead, the show decided to kick this second season (or second half of season one seeing how it aired directly one week after the season one finale) off by reestablishing itself as a campy adventure show where the stakes are high, the plots are outlandish, and the characters are melodramatic.

In this episode, Batman takes Aquaman along on a mission in order to snap him out of a funk brought on by the death of some beluga whales that he was unable to save. The episode also guest stars Adam Strange, an earthling who lives as the defender of the planet Rann. Strange takes on the role of the boisterous hero while Aquaman is sulking.

While Adam Strange had a brief non-speaking cameo in Justice League: New Frontier, this episode serves as his actual animation debut. It is a very good introduction to the character and his world, with designs of the characters and environments that recreate the the world of Adam Strange from issues of Mystery in Space from the sixties.

The plot of this episode also reflects the type of story one would read in a 60s pulp sci-fi magazine. The plot is way over the top with a solution that doesn't really make sense but it does the job anyway. No one mentions how the disappearance of the Earth's moon would completely destroy the planet, but it doesn't matter for the sake of melodramatic pulp sci-fi.

Mystery in Space is not the best episode of the series, but it is not one to be missed, especially by fans of Adam Strange.

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Anonymous said...

In this episode I was'nt very intrigued. The Flow and Plot of the Story wasn't as good as it could have been, in the sense of story telling. This is my humble opinion about the Adam Strange episode.