Monday, March 23, 2009

Spectacular Spider-Man Debuts on Disney XD

Don't forget that today is the debut of Spectacular Spider-Man on Disney XD! The series will kick off with a three episode marathon tonight at 7:30pm (ET). The same three episodes, Survival of the Fittest, Interactions, and Natural Selection, will be aired several times throughout the week. Click here for the complete schedule.

Disney XD will air the first season in its entirety before premiering the second season later in the year.

I have mentioned this before and I'll say it again. It is very important that these airings get good ratings. If fans of the show want to see it renewed for a third season, Disney needs to see that the show is popular on their network. So I know that you have all seen the first season, but please tune in anyway to help the show get the ratings it deserves!


Anonymous said...

"It is very important that these airings get good ratings."

When you are on a network that most cable companies have as a premium channel, it's hard to get good numbers unless you accept the numbers for what they are such as the case for Aaron Stone back in February.

"If fans of the show want to see it renewed for a third season, Disney needs to see that the show is popular on their network."

The last time I went to Disney XD'S website (as of this writing) was on March 24th, one day after the XD premier and their is still NO MENTION of the Spectacular Spider-Man on their website! But yet their is mention (and hype) for Aaron Stone and (you guessed it) the 1990's Spider-Man! If Disney wanted this show to be popular then they would have hyped it to death on their website (and other places) weeks in advance before the XD debut! Yes folks, the wonderful world of Disney politics rears it's ugly head once again! Apparently the numbers that Aaron Stone gets is good enough for them but are probably not good enough for Spider-Man as he apparently needs an ABC Saturday Morning like number (not gonna happen on Disney XD) to please Disney! And before anyone makes excuses, it should be noted that Disney has had bad blood with Greg Weisman (a poor man's John Semper Jr., although I admit he's doing well so far) in the past over that "Gargoyle" thing, so I could see politics (maybe) playing a role in this where Disney would renew the show but only if somebody else was put in charge and to be honest I'd love to see Semper Jr. brought back as he would have gotten a guest character (Runaways anybody?) on there by now unlike clueless Greg Weisman who couldn't get the guest characters he wanted to use due to Marvel (temporarily) signing away the rights to other studios and the contracts haven't expired yet. And he obviously has no idea how to get anyone else on there that he can use. Also here's another factor to consider, as of this writing, NOBODY has said anything about the ratings for the Disney XD premier for Spider-Man. Fun Fact: Companies love to gloat about their successes (see the Aaron Stone article back in February) but they don't like to admit failure. If Spider-Man's ratings were good, Disney would have said something by now, but since they haven't, I'd say the numbers didn't satisfy them enough unfortunatly. I know it's only the first week and all but it's still not exactly good news.

"So I know that you have all seen the first season, but please tune in anyway to help the show get the ratings it deserves!"

Not gonna happen with me as I haven't had a Nielsen thing since 2001 so my viewing wouldn't count anyway. Look I want Spider-Man to succeed and all but it's hard to watch something that I could watch anytime on a VHS blank tape when I got more important things to do such as watching a Yazoo music video. But I will say this, if Disney is too stupid to fund a third season for Sony then someone else will. Viacom is happy with the ratings that the new X-Men cartoon (that they hyped pretty well I might add) got so there's still hope for Spider-Man out there. You just got to keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best. One last thing, Victor Cook (one of the higher ups for the show) found a job and is gonna be involved with a Dante's Inferno movie for Electronic Arts so apparently he won't be back for a third season.

Post by: Alison Moyet would make a better crime lord than Tombstone!

Kurtis said...

Wow Alison, great comments. I have to admit I am a little put off by Disney airing this show too. I don't feel like they have really done any of the Marvel properties that they own any justice.

One comment about Aaron Stone: It is a Disney-made show which, I think, would automatically cause the Disney machine to work harder because promoting its own show rather than one from an outside source (and a Sony one at that!) is in Disney's best interest.

And you are right about the ratings. I haven't heard a single thing about the debut. However, Disney has aired the first three episodes almost every single day, and twice on some days, since its premiere. That sounds like they are trying to push the show. We just haven't seen any pre-hype like NickToons did fro Wolverine and the X-Men.

My fingers are crossed for the third season, but I think that it would be even more unlikely at this point if it is up to yet another network to foot the bill, not to mention the staffing issues that would arise after a year hiatus.

I love this show and am praying for its success on DisneyXD.