Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spectacular Spider-News

ITEM! Disney XD has officially announced the premiere date for Spectacular Spider-Man: March 23rd!

The series kicks off with a 90-minute premiere, featuring the first three episodes of season one, Survival of the Fittest, Interactions, and Natural Selection. It will continue to run every Monday night at 7:30, however, US fans will have to wait for season two until the summer as Disney XD plans to air the entire season one first.

To my American friends, I cannot watch the show on Disney XD as I am in Canada. Please do your part and tune in so that Disney will pick up the series for a third season! As you may know, there are currently no plans for a third season and it all depends on the rating that this show will get on Disney XD whether or not Disney will renew the show for another season.

ITEM! Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will be releasing Spectacular Spider-Man: Volume Four on DVD April 28. The single disc will feature the final storyarc from season one. Episodes include Persona, Group Therapy, Intervention, and Nature vs. Nurture. The four episodes will be strung together with all-new footage to create a seamless 92 minute movie.

ITEM! Teletoon is airing new episodes of Spectacular Spider-Man all throughout March! Keep checking back here for the latest reviews!

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Paul said...

Season 1 finally finished in the UK yesterday. At first it looked like Nick Toons would show episodes 11-13 on March 3rd-5th, but they showed them on March 2nd-4th.