Thursday, April 16, 2009

Batman, Superman and FF Come to Teletoon

Teletoon Retro will be airing classic superhero cartoons starting Friday May 1. Everyday at 7:00am, 9:00pm and 12:30am (ET), the classic cartoon network will air episodes of Filmation's New Adventures of Superman and New Adventures of Batman as well as Hanna-Barbera's Fantastic Four from 1967! Here's what the schedule looks like:

Monday: New Adventures of Superman
Tuesday: New Adventures of Batman
Wednesday: Fantastic Four
Thursday: New Adventures of Superman
Friday: New Adventures of Batman
Saturday: Fantastic Four
Sunday: New Adventures of Superman

While you may not need to watch the New Adventures of Batman if you already picked it up on DVD, you will probably want to tune in to the New Adventures of Superman even if you have it on DVD because the broadcast will include the Adventures of Superboy shorts that are currently in legal battle in the US and do not appear on the DVD. I guess Canada doesn't have the same disputes with the character.

You will also want to check out Fantastic Four as it doesn't look like it will be released on DVD any time soon.

Teletoon Retro currently airs nearly every episode of Super Friends, including the rare World's Greatest Super Friends.

Thanks to Jason for passing along the info!

UPDATE: Apparently these shows are already airing even though the website has them starting May 1. So tune in today! (Thanks again Jason!)

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