Thursday, April 23, 2009

Doomsday Plus One

Season: 1
Episode Number: 17
Season Episode Number: 17
Production Number: 117
Airdate: April 27, 2007

Writer: Bob Forward
Director: Franck Michel

Voices: Hiro Kanagawa (Mr. Fantastic), Lara Gilchrist (Invisible Woman), Brian Dobson (The Thing), Christopher Jacot (Human Torch), Sam Vincent (H.E.R.B.I.E.), Paul Dobson (Dr. Doom), Venus Terzo (Lucia von Bardas), Laura Drummond (Courtney Bonner-Davis), Michael Dobson (Mr. Bonner-Davis), Unknown (Mrs. Monet), Unknown (Bartleby).

Plot: Doctor Doom's latest scheme is to blast the Baxter Building, people and all, into outer space! While the Fantastic Four figure out a way to return home, Doom is free to execute his latest plan without his greatest enemies to get in his way!

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): Doomsday Plus One is yet another appearance of Doctor Doom and once again Doom borrows a plot from the comics, this time from Fantastic Four #6, 1962 in which Doom rockets the Baxter Building into outer space.

It has been my gripe with this series that the plots have been pretty thin. And this episode is no exception. The episode focuses around the Baxter Building floating in space with little more substance than that.

There is a sub-plot that has Doom stealing something from the FF's Room of Dangerous Artifacts but after viewing the episode, I can't even remember what his brilliant plan is or why he needs that device! And to top it off, Doom just sits in his chair and then runs away when the Four reach his castle! Shouldn't Doom deserve more respect as a character? Shouldn't he be more menacing, more devious, more evil? His last few episodes were much better than this.

Plus, Doom has a new henchman, the sexy Lucia von Bardas, who turns out to be a robot. If you watched this when it originally aired, you might have been a bit confused. There was no surprise, no build-up to reveal that information, no back story for her character, the Fantastic Four are not surprised to see her, and Sue "kills" her after only a few minutes of screen time. Why pointlessly introduce this character?

I'll tell you why: because this is not Lucia's first appearance. Cartoon Network aired many of these episodes out of order, confusing many of the fans with issues like this one.

Sure, you could say that she pops us again in a later episode because Doom made another robot, but now, thanks to DVD and episode guides found online, we can enjoy these episode in an order that makes much more sense.

In my opinion, even though the other Fantastic Four cartoons have been much more campy than this series, the older FF series have better captured the essence of Doctor Doom, especially in the 1981 Spider-Man cartoon.

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