Thursday, April 30, 2009

First Flight Bonus Features, Cover Art and New Release Date!

A new trade ad, just released by Warner Home Video, gives new information about Green Lantern: First Flight. First, the street date has changed back to its original date of July 28, 2009. Also, the box art for the single disc release is show, and it looks pretty spiffy!

But the most exciting news is the list of bonus features that will accompany the film:

  • Exclusive Sneak Peek at DC Universe's Upcoming Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
  • Behind the Story with Geoff Johns - The New York Times Best-Selling Writer Discusses the Mythology of the Green Lantern: Oa, The Guardians, Power Rings and the Greatest of all Green Lanterns - Hal Jordan
  • Green Lantern Corps Character Profiles of Sinestro and the Guardians of the Universe
  • Behind the Scenes of Blackest Night, the epic DC Comics Superhero Event in Which the Dead Shall Rise
  • Duck Dodgers Series Episode "The Green Loontern"
  • Bruce Timm Presents Two Bonus Cartoons

  • Plus: Only on Blu-ray
  • I Am the Ring - A Look at the Symbolism of the Ring in Literary Lore - and as Reimagined for Green Lantern
  • Bruce Timm Presents Five Bonus Cartoons

    Click on the image above to see the whole trade ad.
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    Orphen said...

    The cover art looks pretty cool for the single disk. Though what I am most excited about is the special features. I'm always interested in the making of type of stuff and when they talk about the mythology of the super hero. I find these types of features fascinating. I wonder what the bonus cartoons are going to be though. I mean I guess they could use episodes from justice league however it is a totally different Green Lantern obviously. I guess they could use The Batman Green Lantern episode but that would surprise me if they did.