Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Max Fleischer's Superman on DVD Today

Don't forget that Max Fleischer's Superman: 1941-1942 will be released on DVD today! The two disc set includes all of Max Fleischer's Superman cartoons from 1941-1942 as well as all of the Superman cartoons produced by Famous Studios from 1942-1943. Bonus features include two featurettes.

The reason to go out and buy this set is because they have been fully restored to look absolutely brilliant! Since all of these cartoons are now in the public domain, any DVD company and slap them on a disc and sell them for a buck. But only Warner Bros. has the original negative from which they produced this new set.

To show you what I'm talking about, I have included some stills from the episode The Arctic Giant. The first row of images are taken from the new restored version, which can also be found on The Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition and The Christopher Reeve Superman Collection. The second row is taken from The Complete Superman Cartoons - Diamond Anniversary Edition, which many considered to be the best quality prints until these ones showed up. The final row is taken from a low-budget DVD set called 60 Classic Cartoons and is indicative of the quality seen on the low-quality dollar DVD sets.

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