Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Peril from Pluto

Season: 1
Episode Number: 1
Season Episode Number: 1
Production Number: Unknown
Airdate: Unknown

Writer: George Kashdan
Director: Hal Sutherland

Voices: Ted Knight (Narrator), Gilbert Mack (Hawkman), Paul Frees (Koba Rash), Unknown (Professor Barnes).

Plot: Hawkman must travel to Pluto from which a beam is being emitted that is destroying the Earth!

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): Peril from Pluto is the first of three episodes that Filmation produced for the Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure in 1967. While the character's design and name are familiar to the comics of the time, many changes were made for this show.

Hawkman was created by Gardner Fox as Carter Hall, a museum curator who discovered Nth metal which allowed him to defy gravity. Using objects and weapons he found around the museum, Carter Hall created his Hawkman costume.

This series turns Carter Hall into a scientist. I did't think we needed another scientist in this show, but I guess the producers thought it would be a good idea to explain how he has all the knowledge of otherworldly technology.

In 1964, the origin of Hawkman was changed. It was revealed that Hawkman's real name was Katar Hol and that he came from the planet Thanagar where everyone had wings. This series is takes many of these elements to create their character. The theme song narration states that Hawkman is from a "far-off world" but it is never mentioned by name and it is unclear if his wings are part of a costume or part of his body.

As far as the episode goes, it is pretty bland. The villain is a forgettable alien bent on planetary destruction. This is a plot that is over used in these Filmation cartoons, thus making this episode rather dull.

It could also be that Hawkman is written as a bland character. He has no emotion or anything that resembles personality. Of course, this was not the focus of the show as all of the characters are written in an identical fashion that displayed no personality at all.

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