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Secrets and Lies

Season: 1
Episode Number: 3
Season Episode Number: 3
Production Number:
Airdate: April 19, 2009

Writer: Alexx Van Dyne
Director: Stéphane Juffé, Philippe Guyenne

Voices: Adrian Petriw (Iron Man), Daniel Bacon (Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes), Anna Cummer (Pepper Potts), (Happy Hogan), Vincent Tong (Gene Khan), Ty Olsson (Killer Shrike), Michael Daingerfield (Unicorn), Russell Roberts (Count Nefaria), Lisa Ann Beley (Iron Man Onboard Computer).

Plot: Killer Shrike and Unicorn kidnap Tony, Pepper and Gene and it is up to Rhodey to find a way to save them!

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): Episode three takes what has been established in the two part pilot and runs with it. Tony makes friends with Gene, who has just transferred to Tony's school and is only interested in being friends with Tony if it means getting information about the Makulan rings.

This is concept that is not new. But for the sake of this series, it works just fine. The idea of two friends, but one with a serious hidden agenda, will most likely culminate at either the half way mark or at the end of the season, and it will be fun to watch the characters develop to that point.

Character development is going to be key in order for interest to remain in this series. All of the main characters, including the jock Happy Hogan whom we meet in this episode, are extremely typical and bordering on bland. Hopefully the writers have some direction for them to go.

As far as the episode goes, I enjoyed this episode far more than the pilot. It may be that I just got used to the teen Tony and am looking at this series with an open mind, or it could be that it was just a pretty good episode. The only thing that sort of bugged me was all of the head nodding going on by the computer animated cast.

Unicorn and Killer Shrike are the two featured villains in this episode. While Unicorn is a classic Iron Man foe, Killer Shrike is somewhat of an unusual choice for this series. Killer Shrike has appeared several times battling the Hulk or Spider-Man, not Iron Man.

Both Killer Shrike and Unicorn have superhuman strength and agility in the comics but it is unclear as to whether or not they have these powers here. Since it seems like all of the foes are going to have technology based powers, I would guess not. However, Unicorn still has his forehead energy projector but his rockets that gave him the ability to fly doesn't seem to be part of his uniform.

Killer Shrike has his trademark wrist blasters with titanium talons and wears a suit that contains many more weapons and gives him the ability to fly, rather than the anti-gravity implants like in the comics.

Like most of this series, everything is different and there will probably be things in every single episode that will make hardcore Iron Man fans hurl. But you just have to keep reminding yourself that this is not Earth-626. Think Elseworlds...

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