Tuesday, May 19, 2009

12-Hour Teen Titans Marathon!

If you're looking for something to do on Monday, May 25th, you may want to tune into Boomerang's 12-hour Teen Titans marathon!

Beginning at 12 noon and charging forth all the way until midnight, Boomerang will be airing dozens of episodes from the acclaimed series...without commercials!

Based on the schedule on the Boomerang website, the marathon will include all of the second and third seasons as well as the first three episodes of season four, ending with the fan-favourite, Birthmark.

12:00 pm How Long is Forever?
12:25 pm Every Dog Has His Day
12:50 pm Terra
1:15 pm Only Human
1:40 pm Fear Itself
2:05 pm Date with Destiny
2:30 pm Transformation
2:55 pm Titan Rising
3:20 pm Winner Take All
3:45 pm Betrayal
4:10 pm Fractured
4:35 pm Aftershock: Part One
5:00 pm Aftershock: Part Two
5:25 pm Deception
5:50 pm X
6:15 pm Betrothed
6:40 pm Crash
7:05 pm Haunted
7:30 pm Spellbound
7:55 pm Revolution
8:20 pm Wavelength
8:45 pm Beast Within
9:10 pm Can I Keep Him
9:35 pm Bunny Raven...or....How to Make a Titananimal Disappear
10:00 pm Titans East: Part I
10:25 pm Titans East: Part II
10:50 pm Episode 257-494
11:15 pm Cyborg the Barbarian
11:40 pm Birthmark

I'm not sure why a show that only came in 2003 would be considered for a retro network, but it'll still be fun time!

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