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Season: 1
Episode Number: 10
Season Episode Number: 10
Production Number: 111
Airdate: June 23, 2007

Writer: Rob Loos & George Taweel
Director: Franck Michel

Voices: Hiro Kanagawa (Mr. Fantastic), Lara Gilchrist (Invisible Woman), Brian Dobson (The Thing), Christopher Jacot (Human Torch), Sam Vincent (H.E.R.B.I.E.), Terry Klassen (Impossible Man).

Plot: A strange alien visitor arrives at the Baxter Building and has the ability to perform impossible feats. His antics and curiosity of the planet Earth are interesting and cute at first, but quickly become more of an annoyance, especially when he send a message back home beckoning his alien race to join him!

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): The Impossible Man is one of the Fantastic Four's oldest foes, having appeared in the pages of Fantastic Four #11, 1963. However, the Impossible Man can not be seen as a villain, more like a practical joker or a playful child. He never does anything malicious or purposely harmful and even teams up to help the Fantastic Four with universal threats. He is sort of like Marvel's answer to Superman's Mr. Mxyzptlk.

The Impossible Man in this episode is a curious alien who's attitude and antics are a major annoyance to the FF, which provides some major laughs for the viewers.

The story is light on plot and also light on animation with many sequences simply being still images that move around or pop in and out, or different objects in the room that are changing colour. The little animation that is in this episode is nice, but the lipsync needs a little work.

Now, I'm a west coast guy, so I'm not very familiar with New York, but I'm pretty sure that no one is allowed to park on the sidewalk. So would someone please explain why people are doing that in this episode?

There are a few continuity problems in this episode due to the episodes being aired out of order. Mr. Fantastic makes a reference to the Mole Man, whom we haven't met yet, but should have had these episode been in order.

And speaking of Mr. Fantastic, why does he find everything that the Impossible Man can do impossible? Reed of all people should be able to give everything he sees at least the benifit of the doubt. He's already seen an underwater city, alien shapeshifters, other dimensions, and not to mention his own set of superpowers! But I guess it is all for the sake of the episode.

Impossible is a funny episode but not one of the best. It is very apparent by now that the series is based on humour and is quite light. I'm still waiting for the series to take a darker tone but I don't know if that will happen. Episodes like Imperious Rex seem to be few and far between.

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