Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spectacular Spider-Man, Season One DVD News!

Fans have waited patiently, and now that the four individual volumes of Spectacular Spider-Man have been released, it is now time to unleash the Complete Season One!

That's right! Spectacular Spider-Man - The Complete First Season on DVD is heading your way July 28th! All thirteen episodes as well as two new bonus featurettes, titled Spider-Man: Re-Animated and Stylizing Spidey will be included in this two-disc set.

Click the picture to see the eFlyer!

Plus, click on the image below to see the eFlyer for the upcoming The Batman Double Feature and Scooby-Doo Double Feature


Hero Supreme said...

Season 1 is fantastic. Still waiting for season 2 to air here. Any word on Seasons 3 and beyond?

Kurtis said...

No word yet, but you can bet that you will hear it here as soon as I hear about it myself!

Orphen said...

I can't wait to get season 1 on dvd it was very good. I hope it does have a third season heck I'd like five or more but baby steps I suppose :).

Michael Borkowski said...

No Blu Ray for Spidey?

John said...

anything new on here?


Kurtis said...

There is plenty of new-to-DVD material in that box set, however, the only superhero episode has already been released on The New Adventures of Batman Complete Collection DVD set.

The episode is The Pest from Filmation's The New Adventures of Batman which aired as part of the Batman/Tarzan Adventure Hour in 1977.