Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ancient History 101

Season: 1
Episode Number: 9
Season Episode Number: 9
Production Number: 109
Airdate: May 22, 2009

Writer: Alexx Van Dyne
Director: Stéphane Juffé and Philippe Guyenne

Voices: Adrian Petriw (Iron Man), Daniel Bacon (Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes), Anna Cummer (Pepper Potts), Vincent Tong (Gene Khan), Fred Henderson (Howard Stark), Lisa Ann Beley (Iron Man Onboard Computer),

Plot: Tony, Rhodey, Pepper and Gene explore a secret Chinese underground temple that may house information on the mysterious Makulan Rings that are described in Howard Stark's journal. When they get there, they must perform a test before receiving the information they seek: They must stop an army of stone warriors known as the Dreadknights!

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): This episode may be the clincher that makes me say out loud that I am a fan of this show. This episode begins Tony and Gene on their journey to being fated enemies by having them pair up for a common goal. The goal in this case is the pursuit of the ten Makulan Rings, two of which ares already in the possession of Gene Khan, the Mandarin.

This plot is not really anything new, however, it takes the show to a new level and it gives a definite focus to the season (not to mention that the Scooby-Doo mystery team format is tried and true). Tony and Gene have 17 episodes to find all the rest of these rings. That, coupled with the plot threads involving Obadiah Stane, Mr. Fixx, Project Pegasus and the Maggia, will keep the viewers very engaged.

Gene ads a good dynamic to the team. Cynical, egotistical and self-centred, his character is a perfect counter-balance to the other three's chipper, positive and inclusive attitudes. And of course, since we, the viewer, know the secret behind Gene Khan, it is even more interesting for us to watch.

There is no real villain in this episode, except the army of stone warriors called the Dreadknights. Fans of the Iron Man comics will know that Dreadknight is an actual foe of Tony's, but it is unknown why he appears in this way, or whether Dreadknight will appear in a way similar to his comic form in this series.

I have pretty much given up on this show having anything really to do with Iron Man since it is so different and that is what is making this show so enjoyable. Don't get hung up on what how the show is so different and enjoy it for what it is.

However, since the show is called Iron Man and uses the names of the characters from the comics, you will still get to read my thoughts on each episode here on this website.

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    Orphen said...

    I enjoyed this episode, it is cool how Tony and Gene team up of course for their own separate reasons but it is very interesting and entertaining at the same time.