Monday, June 15, 2009

Duel of the Double Crossers!

Season: 2
Episode Number: 8
Season Episode Number: 21
Production Number: 121
Airdate: June 12, 2009

Writer: Todd Casey
Director: Michael Chang

Voices: Diedrich Bader (Batman), Phil Morris (Jonah Hex), Gary Anthony Williams (Mongul, Mongal), Unknown (Argus), Nika Futterman (Lashina), Kevin Michael Richardson (Steppenwolf, Despero), Scott Menville (Metamorpho), Vyvan Pham (Katana), Bumper Robinson (Black Lightning).

Plot:Batman is kidnapped by Jonah Hex and taken to War World where he will battle for his life! It is soon revealed that Jonah Hex is being used by the evil Mongul and the pair team up to bring down their captor.

Teaser: Batman teaches the ins and outs of crime fighting to the Outsiders while fighting Despero.

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): When I heard that Jonah Hex was going to be the guest star of this episode I was excited. I don't know much about the Western bounty hunter, in fact, my only exposure to the character is episodes of Justice League and Batman: the Animated Series, which may or may not be a good representation of the character - I'm not sure.

Although this version of Hex seemed to be a tamed down version of the Hex we have seen in previous animated shows, this one is still a rootin' tootin' cowboy with an attitude. Obvious censor restrictions prevent Hex from really being a gunslinger and a bounty hunter, but the action was still plenty fun.

Duel of the Double Crossers takes place in outer space and in the future. This may be odd for those expecting the Wild West, but strangely works for the episode. The combination of Hex, Batman, Mongul, War World, and the many aliens they encounter, work well in the context of the show and was not a shock to the system. If it was a shock to your system, you haven't watched enough Brave and the Bold.

Even though this episode is completely outlandish, I feel compelled to ask a few questions. How is it possible that Batman, a normal human, was able to take down Mongul when even Superman had a problem doing so in Justice League?

Has Batman been to every point in time? He knew Jonah Hex from a hundred years ago and he knew of War World even before Jonah mentioned it!

Why didn't Batman send Hex through the time machine before destroying it?

Why wasn't Mad Harriet amongst the rest of the Female Furies, and why were the Furies working for Mongal and not Apokolips?

How does Jonah Hex whistle with that gaping hole in the side of his mouth?

Many questions. But overall, this was a pretty enjoyable episode. You just need to get past how incredibly weird it is. And not weird as in Legends of the Dark Mite slapstick, surreal weird. Duel of the Double Crossers is just plain old strange. But that is why we like Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

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