Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last Bat on Earth!

Season: 2
Episode Number: 22
Season Episode Number: 9
Production Number: 122
Airdate: June 19, 2009

Writer: Steven Melching
Director: Ben Jones

Voices: Diedrich Bader (Batman), Mikey Kelley (Kamandi), Greg Ellis (Dr. Canus), John DiMaggio (Gorilla Grodd), Yuri Lowenthal (Prince Tuftan, Mr. Miracle), Peter Woodward (Ceasar), Richard McGonagle (Professor Carter Nichols), Diane Delano (Big Barda), Dee Bradley Baker (Oberon, Ramjam), Unknown (Bat, Ape, Human).

Plot: Batman follows Gorilla Grodd into the future and teams up with Kamandi, the last boy on Earth, to stop the uprising of an army of evolved gorillas.

Teaser: Batman and Mr. Miracle escape a death-defying situation.

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): Just as they did in Day of the Dark Knight, the Brave and the Bold team has whipped up another tribute to the great comic book legend, Jack Kirby. The world of Kamandi and the New Gods were both created by Kirby in the 70s and are depicted very well in this episode.

The episode's teaser introduces us to Mr. Miracle, his wife Big Barda, and his manager Oberon as well as his escape act that he performs for charity. The designs are consistant with that of the show but retain the Kirby qualities that they are known for. Plus, the teaser is just plain funny! You have no idea why Batman and Mr. Miracle are acting so nonchalant until the twist at the end!

The main bulk of the episode takes place in the far future where animals have evolved and humans are savage and technology has been lost. (Does that sound like a certain Charlton Heston movie or what?) The battle between the difference animal groups is at its highest peek with the main two rivals being Ceasar and his tiger army and Ramjam and the apes. The characters and the story were strong enough that I didn't think that Gorilla Grodd needed to be in the episode, however it was Batman's reason for jumping through time, so I guess he was necessary.

And speaking of jumping through time, Batman rescues Professor Carter Nichols. Who is Professor Nichols, you say? In the Silver Age of comics, Professor Nichols created a few different methods of traveling through time. His appearance in this show validates how Batman can appear in different points in time as he has done in previous episodes.

Kamandi is a character that I know very little about, so this episode was a great introduction to him and his world. Last Bat on Earth a fairly strong episode with plenty of action, plot, humour and character.

One question: Why do horses seem to be the only animals that didn't evolve?

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Jack Fletcher said...

Your horse question was asked in an early issue of the Kamandi comic in the 70's! Jack simply said he needed the horses to remain horses for the story.

I've been a Kamandi fan since since he first appeared and I can't wait for this episode. Though I have too since I'm Canadian and it's not scheduled here yet.