Friday, June 19, 2009

More X-Men Coming Your Way!

TV Shows on DVD has just revealed some great news! A third and fourth volume of the 90s X-Men animated series will be hitting stores September 15th!

Each set features 2 discs and will feature popular storyarcs such as The Dark Phoenix Saga and Beyond Good and Evil. If these two sets are anything like the last two, they will feature sixteen or seventeen episodes each.

I'll post cover art as soon as I get it, or you can just visit TV Shows on DVD.

Also, look for a second Canadian release of Wolverine and the X-Men heading your way July 21.

This release will feature four episodes:

  • Thieves Gambit
  • X-Calibre
  • Wolverine vs. the Hulk
  • Time Bomb

  • The cover will be a diecut o-ring, just like the last release. The cover art looks much better than the American volume two release.

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