Saturday, July 18, 2009

First Flight's First Four Minutes! has an exclusive video clip from the upcoming Green Lantern: First Flight. The DVD will be released on July 28 with a special screening of the film prior to that at the San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, July 23, but you can watch the first four minutes of the film right now thanks to the invention of embedded Flash videos!

Over the past few months, Warner Bros. has released a series of interviews with various First Flight cast and crew members. Instead of posting them here, I am going to point you towards the fine folks at World's Finest who have made all of them available for you!

  • Tricia Helfer - Voice of Boodikka
  • Bruce Timm - Executive Producer
  • Andrea Romano - Casting Director
  • Michael Madsen - Voice of Kilowog
  • Alan Burnett - Writer
  • Labella Juliet Landau - Voice of Labella
  • Lauren Montgomery - Director
  • Victor Garber - Voice of Sinestro

  • That should keep you busy for a while as you eagerly await the arrival of Green Lantern: First Flight!

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