Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DVD News and Updates

There has been much to talk about in the world of DVD over the past few weeks. I know I haven't posted this news as it arrived, but here it is all together in one post!

New Releases:

  • Super Friends: The Lost Episodes was released last week. This two-disc set contains some rare Super Friends and is definitely worth your money.

  • Batman: the Brave and the Bold, Volume One was released yesterday and contains the first four episodes of the first season. (Volume two is coming November 10.)

  • Change of Date:
  • Plastic Man, The Complete Collection DVD Box Set has been pushed back to October 20

  • The first volume of Iron Man: Armored Adventures on DVD has been delayed by one week. The new date is October 27. The Blu-ray release has been taken off the schedule.

  • Just Announced:

  • Just like last year's Batman: TAS Complete Series Box Set, Warner Home Video is giving Superman: the Animated Series the same treatment. Although the package doesn't look nearly as nice as Batman's, this release contains all 72 episodes of the series on six discs, plus a seventh disc full of bonus features, including a featurette on Darkseid! The release date is November 24.

  • Also being released in time for Christmas is Justice League: The Complete Series on DVD! This stunning set includes 14 discs containing every episode from Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, a bonus disc with all new special features, and a collectible episode guide booklet! Look for this set on November 10

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    Hero Supreme said...

    I just got my Super Friends Lost Eps. I didnt really know much about the content, but I would say a Legion of Doom reunion, Superman saving Krypton and altering history, and a Superboy appearance alone are worth the buy. Though I admit, the "poltergeist" episode is a tad weak.