Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sony No Longer Producing Spectacular Spider-Man

IGN.com has reported that Sony has relinquished the Spider-Man television rights, which includes animation.

What does this mean for a third season of Spectacular Spider-Man? Well, I encourage you to read the whole article as the reporter has spoken directly to Greg Weisman about the subject, but the long and the short of it is that the ball is now in Disney's court.

Marvel now has the option to continue Spectacular Spider-Man, and seeing that the show is currently airing on Disney XD, it may be more of a possibility. Here is a bit of what Weisman says in the article:

"A number of folks at Marvel have said kind things about the show in the past, but as you can imagine they have a LOT on their plates right now, so no one's talked to me about any potential pick-ups since the world turned a bit upside-down. What hasn't changed, I imagine, is that we're still waiting to hear whether Disney XD even WANTS a new season. If Disney XD decides they don't want any episodes, it's no longer likely that we'd shop the series around to XD's competitors. So any decision begins at XD, I would think. And before you ask, no, nobody at Disney has talked to me about the series."

Weisman also says that characters from outside the Spidey world would now be able to make appearances in the show, something that couldn't happen before since Sony only had the rights to Spider-Man and his rogues gallery and supporting cast.

This could also mean that Spider-Man could join the cast of The Super Hero Squad Show, maybe in the second season!

All in all, the Marvel/Disney merger could be a step in the right direction for Spectacular Spider-Man Season Three! I hope for the best.

In other Spectacular news, Sony has announced a fifth volume of the show on DVD. Following the same format as the previous four releases, Volume Five will contain a full story arc, this time the first arc of Season Two featuring the Master Planner! The DVD will be in stores November 17. I'll post cover art when I get it.


Anonymous said...

I have read very spider-man comic ever published, played every spider-man video game ever released, watched any spider-man film (live-action or animated) and watched all the animated series based on DC or marvel characters and I am telling you that Spectacular Spider-man is not only the best adaption of Marvel’s flagship character outside of the comics (on par with “Spider-man 2″) but is one of the best superhero shows in the history of TV.

Mehdi said...

the more interesting thing is what is printed on the back of the DVD. it talks about it's rating and the fact that it outperforms Wolverine and the X-men!
see for yourself at the link below:


Anonymous said...

Disney has a golden opportunity. Now that the animation rights for Spidey have reverted to Marvel, this awesome show is the only property from Marvel now that is readily available to Disney. So by immediately announcing further seasons for an animated series (which Disney specializes in) based on Marvel’s flagship character they can even attract more attention to themselves.

Come on Disney! Use your brains! Give us more Spectacular Spider-man!

Anonymous said...

Note to Mehdi: Comparing Spider-Man's rating to Wolverine and the X-Men's rating is unfair as more people have access to Disney XD than Nicktoons.

To everybody who think or want a third season to happen, you people don't realize that even if the show made it to a third season, there is no guarantee that Greg Weisman and his staff will be in charge of next season's Spectacular Spider-Man! This is what a lot of fans forget about. Do you people actually think that Disney/Marvel is going to let Weisman and his staff be in charge next season? Of course not! The more likely scenario is that Disney/Marvel will put who THEY want in charge like Christopher Yost (of Wolverine and the X-Men fame) or a "yes man" in charge next season and there's nothing that Weisman can do about it! And these people probably have different ideas about what direction they would take Spider-Man in! This is why it's most likely that they will start over again from scratch next season! So thus I guarantee you that even if the Spectacular Spider-Man makes it to a third season, it will be a completely different show from the first two seasons because Disney/Marvel wants to put their guys in charge, so they can have the show go in the direction THEY want it to go in regardless of what you people want. So if you people think that next seasons Spider-Man will be the same as the first two seasons, think again! Spider-Man will (most likely) be a completely different show next season wether they continue it from the "Final Curtain" episode or not! And that's something people like you and Greg Weisman have to accept.

Message posted by: Rock 3:16