Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Time to Empty Your Pockets!

Man oh man, there are three big DVD releases to buy today! And over the next few months there will be plenty more to buy! I don't know that I can afford all of this!

Wolverine and the X-Men, The Complete First Season (Canada Only) - America hasn't even seen every episode of this amazing animated series, but Canada gets an exclusive 5-disc DVD set that includes all 26 episodes! And it is in a Steelbook case! Super fancy!

X-Men, Volume Three - The next 15 episodes, including the Dark Phoenix Saga, in the popular 90s X-Men animated series is collected in a 2-disc set!

X-Men, Volume Four - Another 14 episodes, including Beyond Good and Evil are including in this 2-disc set. There is only one more volume left to release with the remainder of the episodes! Hopefully we will get that announcement soon!

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Bleak5170 said...

Picked up the W&TXM set yesterday. I hate to say it but I've seen the original animated series so many times I didn't even bother buying the DVDs. It looks really dated by today's standards and most of my favourite characters barely appeared in it.