Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DC and Marvel DVD Sales

Superhero Shows has a great look at the sales for the line of Direct-to-DVD features produced by Marvel and DC.

So far there have been six of each and the graph on the website shows that both lines started out strong, had a slight decline, and then came back with two excellent features (Hulk vs and Public Enemies).

I was quite surprised at how low Wonder Woman dipped, and even more surprised at the low sales for Next Avengers, especially considering that Next Avengers appeared to get more promotion than any of the other Marvel DVDs (except maybe Hulk vs.).

I am not surprised, however, that the DC line has been stronger, as the quality of those programs are generally much higher.

Any of your thoughts on the subject?


Orphen said...

I will start off by saying I have bought just about all of the Marvel and DC Direct to DVD movies. I honestly can say I like all of them. I am a little surprised that Doctor Strange was as low as it was. It was probably my favorite marvel one they have come out with. At the same time I thought Batman Gotham Knight was the worst or at least the weirdest DC one lol. Wonder Woman I think was very good. The Next Avengers was very different type of animated movie, but I think it was still pretty good but alittle more kid like than the other marvel and DC movies.

Bleak5170 said...

I'm a Marvel fanboy and even I have to admit the DC stuff is usually better. I'm kind of fussy though and I have to admit the only Marvel one I really liked was Hulk Vs.

I just want to see all of this stuff sell like crazy so we get even more of it.