Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Spectacular Spider-Man Episodes Tonight!

Without a whole lot of warning, Disney XD has announced that new episodes of Spectacular Spider-Man will begin tonight at 9pm, beginning with the episode, Accomplices.

This will be the first of six episodes from the show's second season that Disney XD hasn't aired yet, although they have been shown in other markets. The remaining episodes will air every Wednesday for the next five weeks with an hour long finale on November 18.


Anonymous said...

That is so lame. I've been reading that Spectacular Spider-Man would return in October with new episodes, only to find out that they are just gonna show old episodes that everyone has already seen?

Kurtis said...

Technically, these are new episodes for the USA as this is the first time they will have been aired in that country.

Yep, Canada, the UK and Australia have all already seen these episodes.

There is still no word about a third season of the show, so don't expect all-new episodes any time soon.

Anonymous said...

I was sooooo PUMPED when I read that there were new episodes. :( Spectacular Spider-Man was the best toon on TV. What is the word on season 2 of Wolverine?

Mehdi said...

we really really gotta watch these last 6 episodes
they may very well decide the fate of the show
so please let others know about it
we have to help the ratings