Thursday, November 26, 2009

Adventures in the DCAU!

Here is a game for those of you who think you know everything about the DC Animated Universe! I have chosen a normal human character that only appears in one episode of a DCAU series:

This one may be difficult!

Can you identify this person? In order for you to be the winner, you have to identify the show, the episode, and the character's name. Contest is open to the whole world, however there are no prizes, only the satisfaction of knowing that you are a DCAU geek.

A new character will be posted once the current one is identified.

Tyler correctly identified this DC Animated Universe character as Lois Lane's father Col. Sam Lane, but it was Dan from Vestal who not only identified the character but knew that it was from the Superman: the Animated Series episode Monkey Fun. Good job!


Paul said...

Larry from the JLU episode "The Cat and the Canary"?

shawn said...

BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES: I am the night; his name is the jazz man.