Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Complete Justice League DVD Set Now Available!

You can tell the Christmas season is here because we are in the thick of big DVD releases. Today you can go out and buy Justice League: The Complete Series, a massive 15 disc set that includes all 91 episodes of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.

Buyer beware: This set is essentially the four previous box sets packaged together with a ll the same bonus features and commentaries. The only new content in this set is a bonus disc with a new documentary called Unlimited Reserve: Exploring the Depths of the DC Universe. This set is perfect for those who don't own any of the other DVD box sets.

Also released today is Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Volume Two which includes episodes 5-8 in the series. A great stocking stuff for the casual fan, but real fans will want to hold out for the inevitable complete first season box set.

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