Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crisis Voice Actors Speak Up has interviewed the main cast of the upcoming direct-to-dvd feature film, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths and has shared it with the world. Here are a few snippets from the article:

Billy Baldwin on voicing Batman:

I was mostly focused on getting into the rhythm of how the character speaks, because a lot of his dialogue can be incredibly challenging emotionally.

Mark Harmon on voicing Superman:

To me, growing up watching Superman on black and white television or reading it in the comic books, all the superhuman things he did were cool. But the things that attracted me are really the human part of the character, or at least the part that was more real. Hopefully that's what I brought to that.

James Woods on voicing Owlman:

Owlman and Super Woman, who's Wonder Woman's dark side, have this strange power hungry kind of – I won't call it love affair, but certainly a strange attraction. And it is the dark side of love, so it involves a kind of power and domination.

Gina Torres on voicing Super Woman:

There is no trick to capturing villainy. Everybody has different sides to them. Everybody has that that inner villain that you want to sort of break out and express. It's a good time going out there and letting her come out. Lock good Gina in the closet and have evil Gina come out and play!

Chris Noth on voicing Lex Luthor:

I was extremely excited to be playing the ultimate villain from my youth, so I was very surprised to see that in this world Lex is actually on the right side of the law. That required a whole new thinking on my part on how to approach him.

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Can't wait to hear Mark Harmon as The Superman...