Monday, November 30, 2009

Spectacular Spider-Man Animatics

I recently stumbled across animator/storyboard artist Sahin Ersoz's webpage in which he has uploaded a few animatics of his storyboards from his work on Spectacular Spider-Man. It is always fun to see some unfinished animation, and this is about as unfinished as it gets!

  • Promo Trailer
  • Act three of Survival of the Fittest
  • The main battle between Spidey and Venom in Identity Crisis
  • The Doctor Octopus/Silvermane brawl from Gangland

  • Ersoz's work is really amazing! These sequences are well thought out and full of dynamic action! I really think that storyboard artists are the driving force behind a lot of animation and they often don't get the credit they deserve.

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    Carnage89 said...

    Those are really cool, man! I noticed some differences from the actual episodes that should've been kept, but anyway... if you find more, please share.