Thursday, November 26, 2009

Superhero Cage Match!

Round Two: Sabretooth (X-Men) vs. Clayface (Batman: TAS)

Who would win in a battle between these two classic characters? Leave a comment explaining why they win and check back next Thursday for the next round!

Don't just pick your favourite of the two! Take into consideration which version of this character is pictured above and base your vote on that! For instance, I could pit the Batman: TAS version of the Joker against The Batman version of the Joker.

Be creative and have fun, but please keep your language under control!

Sabretooth proves that he's got what it takes to take down B'wana Beast! Here are what some people are saying:

Sabretooth is one of the toughest villains in Marvel. His healing power and super strength alone could take down the fantastic four. Plus the fact that he is a totally ruthless sociopath. BATB's Bwana Beast would have to make superanimals super fast just to keep up. ~Callum

I'm going with Sabertooth. He would slice his way through whatever animals B'wana could find. ~eli

1 comment:

Daddy-O said...

Sabretooth is tough and ruthless, but then, so's Clayface.
Creed's whole shtick is the ripping and clawing, but Clayface isn't human. He has no blood or organs. I'm not even sure he has to breathe, but 'Tooth DOES.
If Clayface gets him into a 'quicksand bearhug', it's all over for Ol' Furface.