Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The End of DCAU - A Retrospective

With the end of the decade coming up soon, ToonZone has been taking a look back at the last ten years of animation, compiling the best and the worst of the 2000s into a series of retrospective articles.

Last week, they posted Toons of the 2000s: The End of DCAU - A Retrospective which remembers some of the finest moments from the fourteen years of quality shows known as the DC Animated Universe. These shows include Batman: the Animated Series, which debuted in 1992, Superman: the Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited, which concluded in 2006.


Tommy said...

Great find! It's hard to believe the DCAU has even been around that long. I've been working my way through the complete Superman DVD set that just came out, and it's making me want to rewatch it all now.

Hero Supreme said...

Twas a pretty impressive article.

never_cross_the_line said...

You forgot about Static Shock and the Zeta Project and the New Batman Adventures (most refer to it as the 4th season of Batman TAS.) And you can get even more nitpicky but I'll leave it as that.