Tuesday, December 1, 2009

James Tucker Talks Aquaman

Over at The Aquaman Shrine, an excellent blog devoted to all things Aquaman, Rob has posted an interview with Batman: The Brave and the Bold producer James Tucker about the creation of Aquaman for the series, as well as plenty of other information about the show. Here are some snippets that I found interesting:

I immediately thought of Aquaman as a less obnoxious version of Miles Gloriosus, from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum musical. We wanted to play up the kingly aspect of who he was, but not make him the angry King Arthur under the sea type we had portrayed him as in Justice League.

Mera and another family member of Aquaman's will appear early in season 2. It's a totally off the wall episode, but I think it shows us a side of Aquaman we haven't seen on the show and be a favorite of longtime Aquaman fans.

We give Mattel our list of preferred characters who will be featured more than once. There's some give and take between us and them, for instance, if they have a toy promotion designed around Plastic Man, then we will try to make sure he's well represented over the course of the season.

Usually that means at least a teaser and then an episode devoted to him. Blue Beetle was treated that way and so will Metal Men in the second season. Other than those concessions, the toy company really gives us free reign to do our shows as we see fit.

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