Monday, January 18, 2010

Clayface on Brave and the Bold?

The above picture is a figure from an upcoming line of Batman: The Brave and the Bold Action League mini figures. These figures are only a few inches high and they feature mini super-deformed versions of the characters from the cartoon (think Super Hero Squad).

I love these little toys and I think the designs are super cool, however, this preview of Clayface looks a little odd. It doesn't really look like any iteration of the character. Is this based on what he will look like in the animated series? I'm not sure if I like that. But I'll reserve final judgement when I see him in the show.

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BahGlenn said...

Actually, this is the character "Chunk" from the Toy Story 3 movie. That movie also got a line of similarly styled Action League figures. How is the articulation on him?