Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New DVD Releases Today

There are two new DVD releases today: The first is Super Friends, Season One - Volume One, a two-disc set that includes the first eight hour-long episodes from the 1973 series.

The second release is Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Volume Two, a single disc release containing episodes 7-12. That's actually a pretty good amount of content for a single volume. However, you may want to hold out for a complete season box set.

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LaMond said...

I bought the SUPER FRIENDS! DVD today..I must say...I am happy that these episodes are finally coming out....BUT..They did NOTHING to clean them up...AND EVEN FAR WORSE...the whole case and sleeve are very very cheaply made...I know it's made to be recycled but Jesus Christ! It fells like construction paper! come on WB, Get with it!...