Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Death of Tony Stark!

Season: 1
Episode Number: 2a
Season Episode Number: 2a
Production Number:


Voices: John Vernon (Iron Man), Peg Dixon (Pepper Potts), Paul Soles (Happy Hogan), Bernard Cowan (Mandarin, Narrator), (Police Chief), (Newsboy), (Radio Announcer).

Plot: The Mandarin uses an orbiting satellite to destroy the home of Tony Stark, making everyone believe Tony died in the explosion. Iron Man makes his way to China to investigate.

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): According to the various episode guides found around the internet, this is the second episode of the Invincible Iron Man segment of The Marvel Super Heroes, but it sure doesn't seem like it. First, Iron Man is in his Mark IV armour, which is consistent with the issue the episode is adapted from (Tales of Suspense #61), but is confusing since he was in his golden armour in the previous episode and will don it again in an upcoming episode.

There are other continuity problems too. Happy and Pepper are already a couple in this episode even though they only met for the first time in the last episode.

They also decided to mix up the Mandarin's appearances a little. TOS #61 is the Mandarin's fourth appearance, but the last scene in the chapter is the splashpage from TOS #50, the Mandarin's first comic appearance. Chapter two plays out the events in TOS #50 and chapter three resumes the original story that is continued in TOS #62.

Don Heck's art is more prominently featured in this episode, including Happy Hogan, who was replaced in the first episode by a Happy that looked like it was drawn by Jack Kirby. Heck's Mandarin character designs remain intact here. Unfortunately, Tony and Pepper are still not the Heck versions.

There is a lot to talk about Mandarin, but I'll save that for chapter two.

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